Phone Number Identification

Phone Number IdentificationDiscover who has been calling you when you make use of a website that can provide quality phone number identification. We all get calls from time to time that do not have a name attached, but what do you do when the number keeps calling? Or, if you are like me, what do you do when you notice a strange phone number repeatedly calling for your teenage daughter? I had no idea who was calling, only that they would hang up if anyone but my daughter answered the phone. Worse still, she absolutely refused to say who was calling. Sure, we grounded her from the phone, but that didn’t stop the caller from trying to reach her constantly, and we needed to know what was going on. Then a friend told me that I could use the web for easy phone number identification.

How I Did It

Before choosing a paid site for phone number identification, I tried using free reverse search directories. Because the caller was using an unlisted number, however, I was not able to get anywhere doing this. I decided that I was going to have to be a little cleverer if I wanted to find out what was going on, so I turned instead to a public records database search. I took the time to read reviews and find a site that worked for people in a similar situation, and I found one that seemed really fantastic that could scan hundreds of databases for me at a price of less than thirty dollars. This was just what I needed.

Once I paid my membership to the phone number identification site, I entered the phone number into the website. It took about two minutes to get my search results, but once they arrived, I knew that I had gotten more than my money’s worth. The phone number belonged to a guy in our town who was more than ten years my daughter’s senior. While there could have been an innocent explanation, the rap sheet delivered as part of the public records search told me that this was unlikely. This guy had been arrested for a number of acts against minors, and the newspaper articles I found with this information quickly let me know that he was befriending teenagers and convincing them that he loved them so that he could take advantage of them. I had no idea where my daughter met this guy, but you can bet that she never heard from him again.

The next time this guy called, I told him he had better not dare hang up. I had his address and phone number from the phone number identification search, and I needed him to understand me loud and clear. By the time I was done, I was confident that he would never call my home again, and I contacted law enforcement to let them know that he was still trying to contact minors. My daughter said that she met him in the parking lot at her middle school when she dropped her books and he helped her pick them up, and I let her know a bit of his history without too much detail so that she would understand the dangers of befriending someone like this.

Learning How to Perform Phone Number Identification Saved Us

There is no doubt that this situation could have been much worse. Had it not been for the phone number identification search, my daughter could have been in serious trouble. Thankfully, I was able to get to the bottom of things quickly and to report this guy to the police before he could harm anyone’s kids. It is scary to think that if his number had been in the phone book, I might not have learned nearly as much as I did. Phone number identification helped me learn the information needed to protect my daughter and to keep this creep away from kids like her. At the end of the day, it was one of the best decisions I ever made and is one that I highly recommend to others. Don’t just trust that these calls or a wrong number or a prankster, as it could easily be someone looking to do harm to you or your family.

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